Education Policy

Quality, relevant and accessible education is the foundation of a prosper society. The Government Strategic Analysis Center conducts research on education economics in the areas of general education, vocational education and higher education and on the basis of this research provides recommendations to interested parties in order to contribute to the development of a world-class education system in Lithuania.  

The Center performs an analysis of the implementation of education policy and provides recommendations to the Seimas, the Government and other interested parties regarding the improvement of education policy in order to increase the efficiency of education and promote economic growth. The Center monitors the education system, forecasts the need for qualifications, and makes strategic recommendations for the training of specialists in vocational training institutions. The Center is monitoring one of the 6 priority structural reforms of the Government - education reform.  

The functions of the Center in the field of education are laid down in Article 21 of the Law on Higher Education and Research and Article 32 of the Law on Vocational Training.

Upcoming works in education policy are as follows:


  • First quarter
    The review presents the information on vocational education and training (VET) developments in Lithuania in 2019. The analysis has been conducted by the following criteria: the success of VET for people, the success of VET in terms of lifelong learning, and the success of VET in implementing Lithuanian and European Union education policies.