EUROSTUDENT Researchers’ Forum

Researchers’ Forum, one of EUROSTUDENT's VI events, will be held in Vilnius on 1-2 of February.

The aim of the EUROSTUDENT Researchers’ Forum is to provide inspiration on how to analyse and use the results of the EUROSTUDENT surveys, especially for in-depth analyses. The target group of the conference are mainly the researchers conducting the EUROSTUDENT survey at the national level. The event provides a chance to discuss and get inspirational insights about how EUROSTUDENT results could be used in various research projects and forms. Sharing experiences will provide ideas of how EUROSTUDENT results could be used to represent and analyse the socio-economic situation of various student groups in the European Higher Education Area.

The conference will offer:

  • Up-to-date knowledge about the social dimension in other countries
  • Inspiration for in-depth analyses based on EUROSTUDENT data
  • a basis for cooperation of different research teams
  • ideas for comparative research
  • ideas for dissemination
  • problem-solving/advice by the EUROSTUDENT Consortium

Further information: