European survey Eurostudent on the social environment of students to be carried out in Lithuania again

In April, the Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Centre (MOSTA) will conduct Eurostudent, an international student survey. The key objective of the survey is to compare the data of different countries on the social dimension of students. Based on the responses submitted by the students it will be determined which problems are the most relevant for them and ways will be sought to solve them.

“Experts and specialists often voice their opinions on what the students need most, what would improve their living conditions; however it is more important to have the students speak about their expectations and problems, and propose how to solve them”, noted the Director of MOSTA Jurgita Petrauskienė.

According to Ms Petrauskienė, the Eurostudent survey is in particular aimed at collecting as many student opinions from different universities and colleges as possible, representing all specialities and courses.

“Devoting less than 30 minutes the students will be able to contribute to the decisions ultimately made by the Lithuanian and European education policymakers. They will only have to fill a questionnaire and thus express their opinion on social and economic situation of Lithuanian students”, Ms Petrauskienė encouraged the students to participate actively.

Creators of the Eurostudent project state that this project strengthens the fundaments of national systems for the monitoring of social dimension of higher education, enabling to assess the usefulness and effectiveness of the decisions made. The survey will allow comparing the living conditions of students in Lithuania and other European countries.

The Eurostudent project unites joint efforts of researchers, survey providers, representatives of national ministries, student associations and other stakeholders in examining the social and economic living conditions of students within the higher education systems in Europe.

The project is being implemented since 1990; currently there are 27 countries involved.

The Eurostudent survey was last conducted in 2013 and its results can be found at



Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Centre (MOSTA) is a state budgetary institution, which monitors the research and higher education system, organises and performs the analysis of the state of research and higher education system, and provides the information required for the implementation of research and higher education policy as well as recommendations on the development of research and higher education policies.