MOSTA changed its status to a public organization

Starting with the 1st January of 2017 Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Center (MOSTA) is a budgetary institution and changed its status to a public organization. The government office will acquire the rights and duties of the owner of the organization. 

MOSTA‘s functions are to execute monitoring, gather information and provide evidence-based policy recommendations for the political decision making in the fields of science, education, and innovations.

The organization annually produces over a dozen of various different domestic and international researches, provides insights and recommendations on consolidating science institutions, and on innovation and higher education policies.

The major paper MOSTA publishes on year-to-year basis is titled Būklė (The Status); the major report covers the national status of higher education, science, and innovations. It concludes the year by highlighting the annual changes and achievements as well as it projects the possible future outcomes and developments.

Another major periodic publication MOSTA publishes is AGENDA. The target audience of the edition is the academic community, business representatives, science and education experts, decisions makers, and various different national and foreign partners.

According to the executive director – dr. Ramojus Reimeris – MOSTA‘s researches have a clear role in updating the new and revised articles of law, in strategic decision making, and in the policy making.

MOSTA was established in the 2007 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Lithuanian Republic. MOSTA is a member of international evaluation networks such as EC ERAWATCH and EC R&D. The organization is also a member of BFUG, the Bologna process monitoring groups, and of Smart Specialization platform. 

MOSTA will keep its present website address