The Government's Strategic Analysis Center to be established

The Cabinet of Ministers have decided to reorganize the Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Centre (MOSTA) and establish the Government’s Strategic Analysis Center.

The formation of the Center is based on the principles and experiences of good governance of European Commission, United Kingdom, Finland and other leading countries as well as recommendations of international organizations.

The Center will provide analytical and methodological support for the Government by identifying challenges and its causes in key policy areas, proposing alternatives of possible solutions and monitoring the effectiveness of implemented policies. The Center will also be responsible for coordinating the network of public authorities and members of the academic community in order to bring stakeholders together and further develop evidence-based policy making.

The Center will continue to develop its expertise in policy areas of education, science, innovation and human resources policies and will consistently augment its competencies in other priority areas of the Government.

It is planned that MOSTA will become the Government’s Strategic Analysis Center by 2021.

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