Reports and analyses

Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) progress | First report

The first monitoring report of Lithuanian Smart Specialization Strategy (thereafter S3) is dedicated for policymakers, policy implementing agencies, researchers and related institutions, business representatives and the public. This report is intended to inform on progress of S3 and the prioritized fields of research, experimental development and innovation. Read more. 

The process of framing Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) in Lithuania

This brief overview desrcribes the process of framing Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) in Lithuania. The paper covers the activities in evaluating the fields of science and business, and the results of this process, which led to defining the most promising R&D directions within the country.  Read more

Proposals for Priorities of Smart Specialisation in Lithuania

This report sets out proposals for the priorities of Smart Specialisation in Lithuania. The priorities have been proposed by the representatives of research, businesses, non-governmental sector and the Government who worked in six expert teams. The discussions were based on: proposals received during broad consultation with the research and business communities; results of the survey of research, development and innovation valleys; thematic reports on future challenges, trends and technologies (6 reports for each priority area) and analysis of existing RDI strengths (6 reports for each priority area). The proposals were verified during six surveys that included research and business communities. Read more. 

 Summary Proposals for Priority Fields of Smart Specialisation in Lithuania
The objective of the International Group of Independent Experts (IGIE) was to formulate proposals for potential priority fields of smart specialisation in Lithuania upon assessment of the country‘s economic and research potential and the expected key future challenges and upon consultation with representatives of Lithuanian industries and research institutions and policy decision-makers. Read more.

 Global trends and drivers as challenges for Lithuanian research and innovation policy

This report is the result of a ‘rapid’ horizon scan of trends and challenges that may affect the Lithuanian economy and society in the coming decade. Read more.

Current strengths and future growth potential in Lithuania`s economy

Background discussion paper to support development of Smart Specialisation Strategy in Lithuania. Read more.

Research Potential in Lithuania

Background discussion paper to support development of Smart Specialization Strategy in Lithuania. Read more.

A contribution to priority setting for future research, studies and innovation in Lithuania

Report of an expert group to the Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania. Read more.