Mokymai „Sumanios specializacijos strategija ir politikos priemonių derinys“

Outline of Training course

Claire Nauwelaers – 14 July 2014

The training session will be divided into three main themes, the first one being shorter than the other two. Each theme will be subject to a presentation, followed by questions and answers and discussion with and between members of the audience.

The three themes are as follows.

1. Key challenges for regional innovation policy and responses through RIS3

This session will illuminate the challenges faced by regional innovation policies in Europe, as observed in the last two decades. It will discuss the role of RIS3 and the success factor for these strategies, to place the policy mix issue in a broader context. The governance aspects and the ways to achieve coordination between policy areas – an important condition for implementing integrated policy mixes – will be discussed in this session.

2. The concept of Policy mix and its application to RIS3 (

This session will explain the policy mix concept and discuss its application in RIS3. It will present a methodology to construct policy mixes and provide examples of different approaches followed by countries and regions.

3. Policy instruments and their roles in RIS3 policy mixes

This session will look at the various features and success factors of specific policy instruments, including clusters and Technology Parks, and discuss their contribution to RIS3 policy mixes.

Schedule for the morning session (identical schedule for the afternoon session)

9.00-9.15: Welcome, introduction and presentation of the aim of the training session, profile and expectations of participants

9.15-9.45: Theme 1: presentation 15min by Claire Nauwelaers and 15min discussion

9.45-10.45: Theme 2: presentation 25min by Claire Nauwelaers and 35min discussion

10.45-11.00: coffee break

11.00-12.00: Theme 3: presentation 25min by Claire Nauwelaers and 35min discussion