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Workshop | Policy experimentation and Innovation Mapping

Date: 27 November 2018 mosta nesta logo
Venue: Hotel Artis, konferencijų sale „Carmen“

MOSTA together with UK based innovation foundation Nesta are organizing 1-day workshop; half a day will be dedicated on policy experimentation and the other half on innovation mapping. The target audience of the workshop is policymakers and practitioners working with innovation policies.  

8-12 AM  An Introduction to Policy experimentation

Nesta’s Innovation Growth Lab workshop is targeted at those who would like to explore how innovation, entrepreneurship and business growth policy could be made more impactful through experimentation and new evidence. Providing an introduction to the rationale of experimentation, and some hands-on training on how to adopt an experimental approach to policymaking. It also presents the core facts about randomised controlled trials and some examples to inspire attendees.

12-17 PM An Introduction to innovation Mapping

This workshop is intended for people within the innovation policy system who wish to better understand how novel data sources, analytics and outputs can be applied to policy questions. A background in data science is not required.

About Nesta

Nesta is a global innovation foundation based in the UK.  The organisation acts through a combination of practical programmes, investment, policy and research, and the formation of partnerships to promote innovation across a broad range of sectors. Nesta backs new ideas to tackle the big challenges of our time. Nesta‘s mission is to spark and shape new ideas that improve how the world works for everyone. Orgnization uses its knowledge, networks, funding and skills - working in partnership with others, including governments, businesses and charities. Nesta is a UK charity but work all over the world, supported by a financial endowment.