Researchers are mostly satisfied with their academic freedom and level of responsibility, the survey conducted by the Government Strategic Analysis Center (STRATA) shows. Researchers working in Lithuanian universities and research institutes are the least satisfied with their salary — only one in four of them feels satisfied with it.

Most researchers would choose to pursue an academic or research career again for the second time. However, half of the researchers think this profession is not attractive in Lithuania. When asked to indicate what could increase the attractiveness of this profession, researchers mostly referred to higher salaries. Researchers also highlighted the importance of ensuring continued funding for research. Researchers in teachers’ positions emphasized the importance of reducing the number of teaching hours.

During the quarantine, more attention to the preparation of publications

Researchers also were asked about changes in their work due to the coronavirus lockdown. Respondents noted that they have been working remotely more often since the pandemic began. Also, a significant proportion of researchers reported an increase in the number of high-stress situations while performing their work tasks. This change has particularly affected researchers working in Lithuanian universities — 38 % of them said they find themselves in high-stress situations at work more often.

Since the pandemic began, researchers have been spending most of their time on the preparation of publications and teaching. This was stated by half or more researchers in nature, technology, medicine and health, and agriculture. Researchers spend the least of their time on attendance at conferences, the survey shows.

Overall, 793 researchers who are engaged in research and experimental development (R&D) in Lithuania were surveyed by STRATA. The survey analyses such topics as follows: distribution of researcher’s working hours, participation in research funding programs, management, work-leisure balance, and attitudes towards the attractiveness of the research career in Lithuania.